Today we will go over how much you will need to buy a house! Of course this amount will vary but we will use average Central Alberta housing price for illustration purposes and go over what you will need in the bank for down payment, closing costs, inspections, etc. It may seem overwhelming and if you’re a first time home buyer you may be thinking how will I save for all this… but the good news is Alberta is one of the most affordable provinces to buy a home in! Another bonus, Alberta doesn’t have land transfer tax which can be up to 2% of the purchase price in other provinces.

Dreaming of a 60’s bungalow in Sunnybrook? Or perhaps, a 90’s 2 storey in Anders? Or maybe you’d just love a 4-level split from the 70’s in the Pines backing onto the trees? Well, they are all excellent choices but…!!! If you are a first-time home buyer there may be some things you want to consider before writing an offer. Your Realtor should be experienced & educated on these three key things to look for! A home inspection will also really help to educate you however, you may want to consider these things before spending $500 & up on an inspection. Knowledge is best. Ask your Realtor about…

Alberta is one of the most beautiful provinces nationwide with many other benefits to making it home. Being that I am from Ontario and was born & raised there, I believe these are the top 6 reasons to move here. Not convinced? Let me know and I can definitely come up with more reasons if these don’t persuade you. Though, I am quite confident you will be ready to pack your bags after reading this list.

You bought your first house, yay you! Everyone told you how it’s the best investment you could make and you’re just happy not to pay rent anymore. You start planning little projects to make the place your own… you may even have boxes left to unpack a year later… and then life goes and surprises you. You get offered that dream job out of town, or maybe you bought the house with a spouse and that’s not going well. Or whatever the reason, now you find yourself having to move when you literally just bought the place. It was supposed to be a long-term plan. Little did anyone tell you that typically the first year or two in owning real estate (if you have a mortgage) you likely won’t come out ahead if you sell it. Heck you may even have to pay out of pocket to get out of it?! What!? You may be thinking, why did I buy in the first place?!

As an experienced Realtor®, I can tell you that the timing can often make a huge difference in your purchase. The most important thing to consider when buying is your financial capability. There’s nothing worse than buying a home and not being prepared for the expenses that come along with home ownership.

Selling your home can be very overwhelming. You must commit to showing your home frequently and have show it well. I decided to make a blog about how you could have your home showing at it’s best, sell faster and in turn get a better resale value.

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